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In Shakespeare's plays, we could find lines that "let’s play billiards". The historical records showed that the doctor of Louis XIV of France suggested the King to play billiards every day after dinner.

In the 17th century, the billiards gradually became popular and evolved into a pure noble entertainment. Only the balls made by brass and wood or ivory could make the sport unreachable for the common class. The popularity and fierce progress of billiards, especially the sport of snooker, was due to a series of revolutionary reforms in billiards made by a carpenter named John Thurston that made the sport really walk into the world of the masses.

In the 18th century, British hereditary peerage, Reese Kimbrel, was a noble-hearted man with a remarkable artistic talent. The billiards was the exclusive gentleman sport of British nobilities at that time. He was no exception. He was very fond of playing billiards while he hated the monotonous, stodgy billiard tables. Therefore, he designed a unique billiard table full of artistic beauty. British nobilities were shocked. Everyone was proud of getting a billiard table designed by Kimbrel. 

To commemorate the extraordinary artistic attainment and unique design philosophy of Reese Kimbrel, the later generations introduced the high-end private custom billiard tables with his surname, Kimbrel, as a brand.
In 2017, Kimbrel officially entered into China, with Nine-ball Queen Liu Shasha as the brand spokesperson, hoping to incorporate noble art and gentleman sport into the mysterious and ancient oriental territory.
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